Balance Issue in Badger Finance


I am not seeing my balance in Badger or Digg on Badger Finance. It is showing the rewards that I have unclaimed from staking but 0.00 balance.

Any thoughts and assistance?

Thanks and love the community!

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Tried in a different browser. Shows my Digg in vault but not Badger. Does show all rewards earned there as well.

Anyone else seeing this?

Connect the wallet first, and then switch the ETH network, may help you :thinking:

Let me try. Thanks for the tip Asander

Unfortunately, this has not worked and is the second day that it has happened. Anyone on the UI team or Badger team have any thoughts or ideas? My rewards are showing but nothing else

Which wallet are you using? There have been issues with certain types of wallets. Also you can probably get help quicker in the support channel in discord.

I went to the Support Channel in Discord and it was helpful as a temporary fix. Thanks @Devin