BadgerDao Investor

Hello my name is HaiNakamoto.eth

I am a CryptoBanker from Switzerland and I have high interest to make BadgerDao a successful project.
I have invested 40’000 USD into Badger currently it is worth 33000 USD

Image from Gyazo

I manage my funds under my public Ethereum ENS: HaiNakamoto.eth

BadgerDao Analysis by HaiNakamato.eth

I wil make weekly updates on YouTube and my Substack Newsletter about Badger (my Main Audience is from Switzerland, Germany and Austria and German speaking)

1# Badger Investor Video Overview, or why I put 40’000 USD into BadgerDao


Hi @HaiNakamoto.eth. Welcome to the $BADGER family. We are glad to have you here and are excited for you to join our cause. Thank you for being a proactive member of our community and reaching out to others about $BADGER. It’s great to know that we are a truly global, decentralized community. I look forward to watching and reading your weekly updates. Please let us know if we can be of any help.

Again, welcome fellow badger!


Welcome fren please let us know when you upload the videos

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welcome fren. happy that you’re here!

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Welcome here! Excited to see the video

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Just watched your video and was a very interesting and detailed overview!

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thanks for the feedback, I try to get more details and quality. This really helps me to see that people get value from what I am doing.


great stuff and thanks for your contribution to the telegram group. how often are you restaking rewards?

I restake nearly all 2 days more or less