Badger Stake Question

I deposited 691 badger token from metamask to the badger website. After 691 badger was deposited, I tried staking the deposit. It is currently pending but I am concerned at the # of bBadger swapped. When I deposited 691 badger (valued $8,629), I see that bBadger shows only 576 quantity. Why did my quantity of token decrease from 691 token to 576 when I tried to stake??? :frowning:

bBadger is not 1:1 ration with badger, it is based on percentage of your badger holdings so that is fine. When you unstake you get 691 Badger back.

lol, I see this question all day. The UI really needs to explain it somehow. I had the same question the first time I deposited too.

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true we can suggest that to team.

Hallelujah! Thx for the answer!

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This this this. 1000x this. A simple tooltip explaining that bbadger = 1.x badger would avoid answering this question daily in both forums and discord and telegram. Bonus points would be calculating the actual ratio correctly, but a generic tooltip would be a perfect stopgap.

I cannot find the unstake button. I have staked the badger but can’t find the unstake.

hi everyone, can someone please tell me how can i stake my bBADGER after successfull deposited via metamask?

for some reason, when i click the “Stake” button, it doesn’t work…

Thanks in advance

I would recommend asking in the support channel on discord. There is always a helpful expert there that should answer your question quickly.

Thanks very much Devin!

hi Devin, soory again, could you please send me the link of the support channel? i can’t find it on Discord…