Badger DeFi on Fantom (12m in $FTM Rewards)

Has there been any consideration for the Badger team to set up on Fantom? There are up to 12,000,000 FTM tokens up for grabs if $200m in liquidity can be sustained on the chain and it meets the parameters set forth above.

This seems like a no-brainer for badger to take advantage of. Rewards can be distributed to Badger token holders and/or yield on the WBTC staking farm. 12m FTM is currently worth about $18,000,000. This is assuming the price stagnates, but FTM has been in a wild TVL and MC bull run lately. This could be an amazing opportunity to build the warchest, offer more, multi-chain options for the Badger EcoSystem, and on top of that, you can already directly bridge Badger from Etherium <> Fantom via Spookyswap.

In 2 months when these rewards begin distributing FTM could easily be $5/token and the bar of $200m TVL seem highly achievable. That would be nearly $60m in rewards to be redistributed, or to boost yields on farms.


Id like to see Badger operating on Fantom also. It comes down to dev time with everything else that’s going on.

Hi Badman, yeah badger to fantom is on the list of things to do. After Polygon beta, Arbitrum beta (close now), then probably either Avalanche or Fantom and then the other one after that. Solana is a want also but code base there is Rust not Solidity so more lift required.