Badger BOOST isn't working for me

Boost isn’t working for me on the Badger site right now. I have roughly $3200 in native tokens (BADGER & DIGG) staked and vaulted and I have around $18,000 in DIGG/WBTC SUSHI SLP staked as well.

According to my calculations, I should have at least x200 Badger BOOST but my page shows that my BOOST is 1.00 and my ranking is 2076.

Doesn’t seem correct. Here is my details to check on it. Please someone help me. Thank you in advance.

wallet address:


I have $21,349.14 in my total Portfolio right now.

Your Vault Deposits - DIGG

Your Staked Amounts -


Wrapped BTC/Digg
< 0.00001

Please help me correct his issue. Thank you.

if you just deposited, you have to wait a cycle for it to show up. the cycle is nicely hidden in the ux… under the version number…

2021-08-10 12-07-57

well, the bBADGER and bWBTC/DIGG SLP was staked today but they’ve been deposited in the sett vaults for months.

I just learned about depositing into the Geyser today (didn’t know it existed until so I did that within the last 24 hours…


I’ve had the deposits in the sett vaults for a long time (months)…

does this BOOST only calculate for the Geysers (b Deposits) ?

The boost only applies to non-native setts. Your rank and boost will show how they do now until/if you deposit in one of the convex/curve or yearn vaults. Hope this helps

ok, yeah, I guess the WBTC/DIGG SLP isn’t considered a non-native sett…

I’ll just have to move my CRV and CVX deposits from their project to Badger now to try to see if I get the boosts.

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