Badger AMA - Request for Questions

Hi All,

As mentioned on social media and in the Discord. There will be an AMA tomorrow, January 8th at 1PM EST.

This is a great opportunity for you to ask your pressing questions of the Badger team. @Spadaboom and @jonto will be leading this one with @DeFiFry and myself doing our best to moderate and make sure the questions YOU want answered, get answered.

Post your questions here so we can make sure common thematic ones and the most interesting can float to the top!


When DIGG?

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)


Everybody always asks when digg? but never how digg doing


Here are my questions:

  • How many devs are working full-time / part-time in Badger? Any plan to expand/attract more devs?
  • There 4 new products in the next 2 months, what’re their current stage of development?
  • Since Badger is a farmable token and many are holding because of the DIGG airdrop, what keeps the price from the farm & dump situation after that?

Hi, can I translate more than 1 language for the hunt? I currenty translate @medium for Filipino language. I got friends that can translate as well for Jap, Aussie and Singaporean.

Questions for Tomorrow interview :

How much Fees were collected by interacting with Badger token and what are the plans for this funds ?

Is it up to community to decide how collected fees should be spend ?

Is it passible to place collected fees in one address as transparency can increase value of Badger Project and Badger token ?

I’d love to collaborate in translating into Vietnamese.

Will there be efforts to further incentivize holding $BADGER tokens? Are there plans to bring more utility to the governance token e.g. those who maintain a certain ratio staked will unlock special features on the dApp.

With such favorable emissions, I think supply is a bit stronger than anticipated. But overall I am extremely bullish on this project, the team, the community, and the vision. Thanks for setting up an AMA!

AMA question: there are mentions about Badger Dollar ($BD), will this copy the algorithmic stablecoin like esd and basis cash? how will this complement $digg?

I have seen reference to a security ‘War Room’ on Discord over the past several weeks.

Who are we collaborating with, is there a % of treasury loosely set aside for this, and is the team in a position to act quickly in case of an emergency?