APY display suggestion

The way APYs for setts are listed can cause confusion and malinvestment. Given that listed APYs assume full multiplier, someone depositing in the digg setts now will likely think they are getting the wrong rewards. Add in the lack of information of what aspects of various BIPs are in effect yet (digg only set 100% autocompounding, other native setts are not) and there can be confusion for even the most plugged in badger. I suggest that the listed APYs show the range of possible APYs so like “33%-99%” and a note that points towards the in depth explanations. It would also be helpful to get announcements when BIPs go into effect rather than just pass. Pleased with the app overall and excited to be here so early.


Completely agree, but we’re moving to the badger boost system soon so hopefully that will be easier to show everyone’s apy.

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The boost system will have the same range of 1x-3x for non-native setts.

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I guess I missed that, I’ll have to read through the bip again.

Hey @tj2 @Devin - here is a new BIP that proposes to address this issue:

Let me know what you think and if you have any other implementation suggestions.


@jagrmeister That was exactly what I had in mind. Thank you for proposing it formally.