Another BIP 103 Restitution Amendment - SteveBrew

SteveBrew is a Badger OG who lost funds in the 2021 hack and was an ongoing restitution participant. Recently he fell victim to another hack. His wallet was compromised and the hacker swapped his remBADGER ( ~11.4k BADGER) to ETH.

Steve is willing to repurchase BADGER on the open market to re-deposit into the latest restitution effort. He is asking to be re-admitted to the latest restitution round.

The Discord Thread is here

Steve’s Own Words
Dear fellow badgers in this restitution chat. I recently fell victim to a drainer, I tried to get in touch with someone fast to see if it was possible to freeze the remBadger but it was too late. They swapped out my remBadger for ETH. I have been a loyal badger since the start of this journey and myself and my company has contributed in many ways. Most notable was doing the badger jersey NFT and making and delivering all of the physicals IRL. I was apart of the Badger exploit hence why I am here, and on the road to recovery with all of you with absolutely zero intention to sell my remBadger especially since I voted for the extension and was following up recently to see when it would be complete. I wanted to ask the committee here to please allow me to stay in the newly approved restitution program for the next 2 years but it would need to recognize my former wallet address and approve my new one and allow me to get that remBadger allocation from my former wallet into my new one. I voted in favor of Andy since I had remorse for what happened to him, and I am asking kindly for a solution here. @Alex The Entreprenerd helped me throughout this recent process and has been an incredible help. I am also willing to purchase back the same amount of badger on the open market which I lost to strengthen my case as I believe in this community and project so much. I have no intentions of leaving it and I wanted to ask everyone if they would allow me to participate in my already approved part. Please let me know what I can do here as I know it is launching soon and I want to be apart of it. Thank you dearly.

I lost 1.5M in the badger exploit and I had absolutely zero intentions of leaving the program whatsoever. I made a mistake on this and would have never removed my remBadger. Please let me at least try to recover what was approved to me by just allowing the new address to receive the next wave of allocation. I am not asking for anyone to repay what was just stolen…and will gladly rebuy it to make it whole and hold again pending the rescue is successfuly later this week. Very good chance and hopefully on it. Praying this part will hopefully have mercy and allow me to participate.

Thanks everyone for this private chat so I don’t have to air this out in the community. I am very upset.

  • Yes, Allow Steve to Remain in the Restitution Program without Repurchasing Lost BADGER
  • Yes, Allow Steve to Remain in the Restitution Program after Repurchasing Lost BADGER
  • No, The Rules are the Rules and he Should Not be Allowed to Remain in the Restitution Program
  • I Have Shared Other Ideas in the Comments
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