Allocation of unclaimed Badger airdrop tokens

I would like start the discussion about how should we allocated unclaimed Badger airdrop tokens?

First question is to The Team is there any plans already and how many Badgers are unclaimed?
What could be preferable group of Badger community who should be reward for participation? Here is couple of my ideas…

1.Active Discord users helping community and developers.
2.Participants of Badger DAO snapshot Governance.
3.Badger Sett, Stake and LP providers.
4.New members of community who didn’t receive Badgers in airdrop and actively participate.
5.Developers Team.

Please feel free to state your opinions.


Easiest to just add it to the treasury and decide later.

Further growth campaigns through liquidity mining or collaboration would be the best place to deploy the funds. If there was strong feeling, adding it to the LP rewards could be done now.

One area of obvious contention is that there are significant unclaimed rewards because they were never allocated to those who should have had them. So that’ll need sorting first/at the same time.


In my opinion return this founds to treasury is the worst option as this tokens were spend already. Better to make a use of it and support current members who participate in the project.

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I agree, as @bberry259 says “easiest to just add it to the treasury and decide later.”

If the amount of unclaimed Badger airdrop tokens is relatively small then i will agree with you however if there is more Badger unclaimed then why not to deal with it now…?

I think putting in the treasury is easy & what most other projects would do.

A better idea would be to boost APYs for all setts until the extra supply is used up.

Obviously this depends on how many there are though.

I think this should be gamed with the NFTS too, maybe NFTS can give some boost on claiming unclaimed Badger.


I believe adopters of sett staking stage 1 and beyond, who introduced themselves to badger dao through means not included in the original airdrop reqs, should get an airdrop for participating in the first ever sett staking, starting from week 1 and beyond. In proportion with how early they started. Week 1 vs week 2 3 etc

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Boosting APYs can be a good option in my opinion. More adoption and staking/LPs seems obvious result.

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I think it should be turned over to the treasury. The rewards for being early and involved are already allocated in many ways and are proving to be very generous. We dont need to blow more funds giving more away this early.

Doesnt have to be all or nothing!

There is some work going on evaluating “missed” airdrops. So addresses that seem like they should have gotten the drop but didnt. Once this is evaluated a portion of these funds could be proposed to be used there.

Otherwise, IMO these funds are basically the same as the treasury (community owned) so labeling one way or the other doesnt really matter.

If “use X% of unclaimed funds for Y program” is good for context and framing for some cool promotions, contests, etc then scope some ideas out and they can be put to a community vote.


just my opini

New members of community who didn’t receive Badgers in airdrop and actively participate :smiley:

or LP providers.


We could take 25%-50% of the leftover airdrop tokens, after all kinks are worked out, and put them into a tipping pool for the mods/support/team on discord to hand out to active community members over the next few months. I’d support that.

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I think the leftover airdrop tokens can be used a better way to support the whole ecosystem, and not just benefit those groups. I think it’s better we save them and put them back in the treasury. Either that or distribute it amongst all the pools per badger earned like the $DIGG airdrop.

What We Should Do with Leftover $BADGER airdrop tokens
  • Put back in treasury
  • Distribute amongst pools with the same mechanism as $DIGG airdrop
  • Percentage go to tipping pool on discord to build community

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I think the vote you propose is not giving enough option which were discuses here… after i will find out how many tokens were unclaimed, i will make new vote to address all options in this matter.


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