"After Badger.com domain"

Hello everybody. the Badger.com domain has been purchased, but has anyone thought about updating the site and also improving the screen? and make a fosa similar to aave / snx or similar … a better structured site that does not “look like a game”. in my opinion, the brand should also be reproached … to be taken much more seriously. no criticism is my personal opinion, what do you think?

I’ve been thinking about this for the badger.finance homepage @mitche50 . Are we planning to update the homepage soon?

Very soon, final reviews happening this weekend / early next week. Not sure if it will coincide with transferring to badger.com yet though.


Nice :smiley: looking forward to it !

make a proposal for a grant; No idea if it should be a BIP

We don’t need a grant. @mitche50 is the front end developer and is part of the core team. It sounds like it’s already in the pipeline.

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what are you talking about? badger is up 500%+ YTD
there is also no guarantees for price valuation of the tokens, this isn’t a security

Wait, you want a grant to improve the website? They’re already working on it…