About DIGG's Airdrop

Hi admins, I have a little suggestion: can you give a portion of Digg airdrop to these people who are involved in building the forum? They pay attention to the forum every day, actively participate in the discussion, and make the project more and more perfect, so they should be given part of the benefits.

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I check the forum every single day but this is my first actual post. That being said I agree those who have been actively involved in discussions should receive a more substantial airdrop than those who haven’t. Good luck! #BadgerDown

You are welcome to send me some token if you think you received too much compare to me or others :rofl:

If that day ever comes, maybe ill consider it but at this rate im done getting my hopes up every morning to check for that precious $DIGG

haha it’s coming. !!

Well those who bought NFTs get a special piece of DIGG.

Left out are those who have

  1. Voted on proposals
  2. Contributed in forums with comments and/or ideas.
  3. Rewarding discord I am mixed on.

I think interesting is people who missed out on initial airdrop but who showed up to depo into setts is an interesting one as well. since the protocol still holds the badger that was not claimed on the initial airdrop.

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Do we have a estimation on when the DIGG will be distributed? Just wanted to have some sort of idea as I’ll be buying a home soon and want to have a more concrete plan.

Thanks for all you devs do! :badger: :badger: :badger: :badger:

I have got some badger in okex.

Never count your chickens before they hatch

What happened to the gitcoin airdrop? :thinking: I’ve been too busy to keep up