About airdrop $ICE

talk about remove some accounts created specifically for recieving airdrops.

:frowning: because i didn’t received $ICE

i have 132 badger

and i voted

but… i am very confused

Team tried to remove some accounts created specifically for recieving airdrops, as they dilute others. Ended up removing about 700 addresses, and look like removed some legit ones also. Majority recieved fine, but some people missed it. Nothing could be done at this point though sadly.

so…what’s the removed rule ? and how address avoid being removed some legit ones also.

Can you check your bsc account for airdrop

yep, i checked .

my bsc account no for airdrop


hi admin, I always make a vote for all the proposal of Badger DAO, but I have not received mya airdrop $ICE token from Popsicle. I also contacted them for a reason, they said to me " The Badger team has sent Popsicle a list of new airdrop recipients and the list on Github is outdated. Please contact Badger for any questions" … this is the reason why I text to your for a bouble checking for my address. please help me. thnaks a lot. this is my Address which I used to vote in Badger DAO


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I didn’t receive mine either. Apparently mistakes were made when they put the address list together. I don’t think anything can be done now. They are coming up with a better way to keep track of addresses for future drops.


it’s so … sad

i missed maybe the FORCEDAO airdrop …

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What badger team did in this airdrop was unfortunately completely disrespectful and realy doesn’t suit this team they shouldn’t have changed the list after making it public I think this realy damaged the trust of badger community

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did not receive ICE but voted many times, I am really sad about this. what can I do to solve it???

sent this in popsicle discord too…

the 36 addresses paid on BSC were the badger recipients then, or is that not correct?

checked like a dozen of them against Snapshot 5 on git (and understand the situation w/ it) but none were listed.

weirdly, the receiving addresses on BSC all seem to have kinda shady token balances with no activity on mainnet… (they’re all basically this)

The ForceDAO airdrop is not based on voting. It is based on economical participation like depositing, staking, LPing… So not being in the list for ICE should not be a problem

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specification is balance is > 0 on all of the selected dates for either of bBadger. the ForceDao list my address will removed agin.

my bBadger all in staked and wallet balance = 0.

it’s reason for my bBadger balances = 0.

:sob: :sob: :sob:

i’m in a very complicated mood/state right now.

That’s a strange decision - it will rule out most of badger community… Btw where did you get this info?

Hmm…from what I see, staking bBadger should qualify you… Just wait for the force dao announcement.


continue wait for it’s any way.


how do we claim the ICE airdrop?

you get it on bsc if you were on the list. Didn’t need to claim, it would just be dropped in your wallet.

cool. i got it and am now an ICE LP

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