A tutorial on using Nexus/NXM and Badger together

Hey guys. Spent the last day or two playing around with NXM. I wrote this article about how to make a reasonably safe 30-40% on your bitcoin using badger/nexus. It is detailed and step by step with lots of explanation. The first section on getting into badger, you guys probably already know, but what you can do with Nexus on top is also quite amazing.

Check it out. I’d love feedback on the usefulness, tone and form of the thing. I’m trying to write more stuff like this and feedback is helpful to find a voice.

Making Money on Insuring my Badgers with NXM


Rad article- this is real three-dimensional thinking. I hadn’t thought of the possibilities present in nexus mutual like that before, huge if true.


It seems to me like its pretty complicated to insure my badger via nexus.

Is there anyway how we can make this easy accessible.

The easiest way to do it is to go to https://nexuismutual.io, become a member by doing 1 eth tx and taking a picture of an ID and a selfie with your phone, and then you can buy insurance for 2.6% a year. If you want to save money and be more anonymous, the article shows you how to get insurance for 25% cheaper, explains how you can use another wallet to do your insurance so you don’t have to dox yourself, and also shows you how you can stake on NXM to make money to buy more insurance.

You can also buy insurance on cover protocol via a balancer pool, but it’s more than 10 times as expensive.

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