#43 New Treasury Council Member ADCV and Replacing Spadaboom


Over the last 3 months ADCV chef and co-founder of Steakhouse has joined the Badger community focusing his contributions on the financial state of the DAO, eBTC launch plans and spearheading the BALCO. During this time he’s had the opportunity to collaborate with the Treasury council on a few initiatives including the 2024 Budget and eBTC seeding and through this has become very familiar with the treasury council processes, strategy and financial state. He’s now shown interest in joining the treasury council as an official member/signer.

ADCV and Steakhouse currently act as a trusted signer and treasury participant for LIDO and ENS DAO with an extensive background in finance, DAO’s (currently working with MakerDAO, Morpho, Angle etc. and stablecoin designs making him an ideal candidate for this role. To help push the Badger DAO treasury initiatives forward and bring a new experienced perspective to the council, I propose ADCV become a member of the treasury council effective immediately if this proposal passes.

To accommodate this change while adhering to the BIP 89 requirements and maintaining the mandated 9 council members, I will be willing to relinquish my seat to ADCV as a treasury council member if this proposal were to pass. After discussion amongst the 9 council members on the Feb.6th 2024 treasury council call and consensus amongst the council for this change, this proposal is ready for an official decision.