#18 Emissions 2022-Q4

TLDR: Keep existing emissions as is; emissions for the to be deprecated vaults expire the moment they get deprecated, cvxCRV emissions remain. Come up with a new approach for 2023.


BIP-99 grants the treasury council the responsibility of directing the weekly emissions budget of 20k $BADGER, opposed to leaving this up to community initiatives. This treasury council decision determines what to do with the emissions for the rest of the quarter.


Since both the ibBTC/sBTC vault and all Arbitrum vaults are being deprecated, the emissions scheduled for those vaults will expire. The current proposal is therefore to end those emissions the moment the vaults go into deprecation mode. The remaining emissions (to the cvxCRV vault) remain the same, at least until the end of the quarter.

Going forward in 2023 the treasury council will come up with a new approach on how to go about $BADGER emissions.

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