1# Badger Investor Video Overview, or why I put 40'000 USD into BadgerDao

In this Video I am explaining why I have put 40’000 USD into BadgerDao.

This is for entertainment Purpose only. For financial Advice you can contact me directly:
HaiNakamoto.eth Facebook
HaiNakamoto.eth Instagram

you can track my investment on https://app.zerion.io/hainakamoto.eth/overview

1# Badger Investor Video Overview, or why I put 40’000 USD into BadgerDao

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@HaiNakamoto.eth great video I really enjoyed it. This is the kind of introductory video that is invaluable for newbies like me !


Great content!

Very informative and detailed. I’m going to follow you and hope more people will do the same.

Good to see more Europeans joining the Badger family.

Ps. If by any chance Sunny Decree is a buddy of yours, try to convince him to convert some btc and stake it with us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :sweat_smile: :joy:

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