DIGG Airdrop should be directly into the DIGG Sett

the knob has been hobbed. thanks frog.

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Yes i agree that could be best solution, but how much it will cost treasury? and is it technically possible?


no more slick talk, it’s too hard to understand for everyone here

i also agree with p digg to be distributed directly in the pool i am betting on badger set badger des from the first week i have 100 badger q already paid me a little but not yet withdrawn by the fees and with digg as i am a small investor it will be a very high to withdraw create a set and then bet it I intend to leave invested and I will not withdraw for a long time and I believe that there are many so that they are not only thinking about profit but the growth of the community then it would be better for the little ones like us automatic even if it costs a little it can be discounted in future diggs of income. it would be good for the little ones q we are also believing in the project and we are committed to maintaining it until it takes off. it is only a point of view also if the best for the community is otherwise I also agree I will spend my fees to bet my digg but there are many who could be reinvesting the digg do not go for the fees.

I will stake a moderate amount in the afternoon. I agree that the amount of the airdrop has to be worth it. I know for example I got 605 1inch 2 times on their airdrop, wow that’s almost $4000 today. I couldn’t believe it until it hit my wallet then it still was almost unreal. I will tell you this when that happened the coin shot straight up. It really comes right back to the community, and you have a solid loyal base from then on and the news goes viral. I’m excited and digging Badger.
Sincerely: Crypto Damon

Auto stake the airdrop if its easier for the dev’s to accomplish, then we would save the first fee, and Badger could lock it for 10 days when the dust settles then everyone that wants to keep their crypto in can and if they want they could move it as well.
hodl on my friends.

Where is Digg airdrop? I had it earlier, waited to claim when gas will be lower, but now I don’t see it anymore, somebody knows anything?

You had to claim it in a certain time.

Do you know till when?

It was only for 2 weeks I beilieve. It’s over now.

I support this idea, ETH fees are still crazy and don’t seem to go down to pre craziness levels.