BIP 42: Contribution from Treasury to Badger Pool on Pooltogether

Yearn has an integration with the UNI pool now. Also xSushi working on being added as a yield source. Teams very close to us in the ecosystem will be working with Pooltogether. Pooltogether will be big in DEFI and I hope we can build a strong relationship.

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Look who won today…

lol i love pooltogether i think is is gucci xoxo hahaha but we need win win and i see this not that lol hahahaha

lol so this means you dont care for community lol i dont like this bip i voted against but i dont like your position either because if the community wants this should be a snapshot this is the whole purpose of a dao lol otherwise there is no point of governance lol

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Look, Pooltogether has a prefixed number of winners, that number doesn’t proportionally change in function of the total tickets sold, that’s the problem. The lottery itself is not conceived to be fair with little stacks. I won’t flood this thread with calculations. Stick to your idea, I’ll stick to mine, I didn’t see any reason to waste the treasury for this kind of lottery .

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Looks like we are actually close to reaching 40 vote quorum, I will try to provide the additional details defifrog requested by this evening.


I’m for this, but I’d prefer to see it as an experiment. It should be “up to 2400 badger” for “up to 12 weeks”.

At the end of the day, I don’t personally think it will bring the value that we hope it will, but I’m all for an experiment to prove me wrong.

I’m all for it. This would be free marketing and would provide exposure to Badger among other communities. Great way to utilize resources with minimal risks. Let’s through some Badgers in the POOL!!

I definitely hope to build off of this initial first move by the Badger community if we can pass this. I don’t want to make any promises I can’t keep but I have a plan to submit a proposal to the Pooltogether community if this goes to snapshot.

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I’m not really that familiar with PoolTogether, so perhaps the OP could outline how this investment will pay back for Badger holders/DAO. The investment at current prices is $120,000, so to support it I would like to see how Badger will earn a return on that investment.

Pooltogether just launched their token and has locked over 100M in TVL. Despite being a new platform pooltogether has been in the crypto space for a while and has even gained attention from Vitalik Buterin.

While there is no immediate and direct financial gain to the Badger treasury I see the following benefits to Badger holders.
-Introduces Badger to a new community.
-Brand awareness.
-Prizes will go to Badger holders who deposit.
-Potential for yield to Badger depositors in POOL tokens.
-Increases Badger utility.
-Tests for a longer term integration.

Against, we do not need to gamble our treasury funds.

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Have you looked into what pooltogether is? This could lead to other opportunities as well adding utility to future utility for other Badger products. I know you have been here since the beginning and I think if you looked a bit deeper into this you’d see the value. Hope to change your mind! :slight_smile:

If this were accepted, it seems there is wide support from the Pooltogether community to commit $100’000 worth of POOL tokens to the Badger Pooltogether pool, matching BadgerDAO’s commitment. The POOL would be evenly distributed among users in a yield farming fashion.
In addition to the marketing benefits, this would be a yield farming opportunity for Badger holders.
To mine POOL and have a chance at a BADGER prize.

Source: [Proposal] Badger Trial POOL Distribution - PoolTogether

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Yes, this could definitely be possible.
As of now, there is no yield source integration for Cream Finance.
If a dev built this, (the xSushi integration took 1 day to build) a bbadger pool with Cream as yield source could be made, which wouldn’t require its prize to be sponsored by the Badger treasury.

This could be a good long-term option after the 12 weeks proposed here run out.

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The reason I like Badger over bBadger in this case is that it allows for the Badger app as a yield source. I also think there is a market for people who hold Badger in their wallet that is not staked. Easier for someone new to buy Badger and just lock it in the pool. Definitely could see both pools existing down the road though.

so that how decentralize it is… BIP have to be approve by @DeFiFrog to be posted for future vote.

I think they just want to be sure my outline is clear before it goes to snapshot. Snapshot will happen. Can’t vote yes on something and then be like “Oh shit, we forgot this important detail”. :smile:

For context: The BOND community has had a prize pool sponsored with $130k worth of BOND from their treasury running for 6 weeks now.

It can be seen here: PoolTogether App

They even built a custom UI for it: