BIP 40: Grants Round 3

Category: Governance
Scope: Determine Badger Grants for Month 3
Status: Accepted


  • Outline who should receive month 3 grants from the treasury
  • Present new grant structure
  • The responsibilities of those receiving grants


The Badger team continues to grow and we are beginning to really see the results of our efforts come to fruition. Over the past month, TVL in Badger has crossed the $1.5B threshold with close to $3M/month in revenue. These incredible achievements are made possible through the hard work of those committed to the project, and their continuous efforts to drive utility and value for the Badger token and community. Of course, none of this could have been achieved without the incredible support and passion of the community.

This proposal outlines compensation for those in the Badger community who have driven these results, and who deserve grants for their contributions. As compensation, we will leverage the treasury in the form of BADGER. Since the previous round of grants, there have been additional contributors that have completed bounties as well as those who have joined the team on a more continuous basis.


New Grant Structure

With the continued growth of BadgerDAO and the launch of the Badger Grants Program, we’d like to take a moment to clear up any confusion regarding the monthly grants process. In alignment with BIP 28 BIP 28: Badger Grants Program, monthly grants will now be called “Monthly Community Grants”, and within these grants, we will have 3 sections: Retroactive, Monthly, and Ongoing (Quarterly).

New contributors will fall under retroactive for work that they’ve completed and for monthly grants for work that they’ve committed to deliver. Proven contributors will fall under Ongoing Grants to be paid monthly with static Badger amounts over quarterly timeframes with the goal of accelerating these contributors into our long term program.

Payments for monthly and ongoing contributors will be made at the beggining of the following month or 30 days from the Grant round posting. For example Grants Round 3 contributors will be paid on April 1st for the work during the month of March.

Past Contribution Grants

  • Jbeast100 - content contributor, writing blog posts, announcements, educational content. 100 Badger
  • Cryptouf - French Translation 35 $Badger
  • MorazanCA isabellarivaso#2569 and ErikSuazo#8499 - Spanish translation - 15 $Badger split between them
  • Ri0t - Badger Diggest newsletter and content writing. 35 Badger
  • ETHKEY - 300 BADGER - development
  • Akan - 300 Badger - business development/partnerships
  • U.S.V - 300 Badger - security and infrastructure
  • Freewholez- 300 Badger - Legal and regulatory
  • BBB - 300 Badger - institutional expansion, partnerships and business development
  • VLK - 300 BADGER - development
  • Warrior - 50 BADGER -development
  • ETHaudit = 200 BADGER - Smart contract advisory and auditing
  • William = 100 BADGER - marketing, content and events
  • Saj = 100 BADGER -development
  • Diamond hands - 25 BADGER - development
  • Wezekbruh - Cashflow Management Framework and Modeling 25 BADGER

Monthly Contributors

  • Freewholez - Legal and regulatory framework 600 BADGER

  • BBB - Spearheading our institutional expansion with strategy, partnerships and business development. 600 Badger


  • Mr.Fox = Operational structuring and Badger ambassador program 300 Badger


  • CR = Leading BTCX 300 Badger
  • saj = QA and infrastructure optimization 300 Badger
  • Warrior = Website and front end optimizations 200 Badger
  • Andy - AWS/Fullstack = 500 Badger
  • Nik - AWS/Fullstack/smart contract = 500 Badger

Ongoing Contributors (Quarterly)


  • VLK = 200 Badger
  • ETHkey = 300 Badger
  • Arcsin2000x = 500 Badger
  • Fshutdown = 500 Badger

Project Management

  • Niklas - Project manager 125 BADGER

Marketing and Content

  • Ingalandia - Marketing and content lead including blog, social media 150 Badger
  • Jbeast100 - Content Contributor, Educational Materials, Product Strategist - 100 Badger
  • - Events, marketing strategy and product marketing lead 200 Badger
  • DeFiFry- Content and blog manager 100 Badger

Badger support

  • Blackbear - Head of Support - 125 Badger
  • kryptobi - 75 Badger
  • faces - 75 Badger
  • sp7290- 75 Badger
  • Poopster- 75 Badger

Smart contract advisory board

  • Ethaudit - 350 Badger
  • Andy2058 - 350 Badger
  • Sam1222 - 350 Badger
  • Arcsin2000x - 350 Badger
  • Fshutdown - 350 Badger

Total BADGER Allocation for month 3 = 10,135

If you are in favour of the proposed month 3 grants, vote “for” and if you are not in favour vote “against”. Please share your feedback and guidance.

  • For
  • Against

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Contributors are doing a fantastic job in general. So if this is determined by the team as fair after assessment on the work done, I can only support.


I support this proposal :heart::heart::heart:


Congratulations to the entire team that works at Badger :heart_eyes: :crazy_face:

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Everybody is doing great work and I am happy to see people getting rewarded for their efforts! I also really appreciate the bip being announced in discord and twitter.


Y’all get ready! More spanish content underway!!! including videos with help from @Dragonkiller

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lol someone deleted my post for sharing opinion that they spending 500k a month this too much just for grants lol i didnt violate any guideline but it was removed hahahaha being censored whatever i dont care lol

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Now we have created the badger twitter in spanish :smiley: :smiley: :badger:

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No question asked, we need devs and anons to make the Badger is the product ever. Support this!

yes I support that’s let more friend for workman

Support. Great job all.

Defi creating jobs and wealth. Someone tell the politicians.

Agreed, doing a great job team Badger, looking forward to the all the great work coming to fruition.
Cheers, DD

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