BIP 28: Badger Grants Program

This is a great BIP write up and I like the different categories. However I think the payouts should be in a specific USD amount of badger. Otherwise you have teams getting payed wildly different amounts for similar work just based on what the price is at the time they are payed. Some people, especially full-time developers would need to sell their badger as they are paid for living expenses and would maybe getting paid extremely well one month but not so good the next. At the very least have a mechanism to change the amounts once a month or so. Another idea is to give the grant recipient the option to be paid either way; in a specific amount of badger or usd amount of badger at time of payment.


Completely agree with the above points, however, if the proposal moves to snapshot as is I will vote in support. Never allow perfection to become the enemy of progress.

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Instead of just criticizing the method, could you please provide an alternative? I believe the current system of a 2 month “trial period” or “cliff” with installments paid over the subsequent 10 months is to prevent 1 lump sum salary payment running the risk of someone quitting early or failing to perform. I’m not exactly sure what you’re “problem” is with the current method proposed just based on your comments.

You have 25+ years in hiring and headhunting, so you should know that typical commissions run 15-25% and even up to 50% of first year salary. Do you think our 10% makes sense? or is it too low?


I was not “just criticizing” and pointed out specific items that I took issue with in relation to the proposal. I am in agreement with the fact that the referral should be parceled out in conjunction with specified periods of performance. The way that the proposal is worded indicates that you were paying an individual 10% of monthly grants payments for up to 12 months. This is high as it is worded. If you intent is to rather imply that you would pay a fixed payment spaced out over that period, I would support that. It is all about the wording and interpretation. As I indicated previously. Please read the comments above to gain more understanding and clarification of what I actually said.

I think 10% does not truly say what you would be paying without knowing 10% of what. That was what I needed clarification on.

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10% of salary/grant payments.

First 2 months as trial, if 2 months are approved, then 10% of 2 months paid then.

Each month thereafter 10% for up to 10 additional months for a total of 12 months from initial start date.

See BIPs for grants 1 and 2 as example.

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OK. Thank you. But this I believe is too much. I think total of 10% spread out over 12 months is acceptable. Not 10% each of the months.

It seems you’re the only one with this opinion. I believe what you’re suggesting is incredibly low. When looking at industry standards, this is what I find.

I’ve also spoken with my colleagues that are head hunters in New York, and 10% is low. As of now, we will move forward with this BIP as it has received quorum.

Just because you do not agree with my opinion does not mean it is not a valid concern. I believe in the DAO and what it stands for but think that man sometimes vote with a cattle mentality. But as you said, you have reached quorum. A DAO is where everyone’s voice is heard, doesn’t mean that everyone get’s what they want.

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I never said your concern was not valid. I am saying it seems to not be based on industry standards. I’m responding to you because we’ve received feedback of not having addressed community members’ concerns before pushing to snapshot. I am backing up the numbers with sources saying our numbers are low, and you are just saying that you have x years of experience.

Hope this clears things up.

No i get it. Thanks for the clarification. Yes I did indicate the number of years that I have worked in the field and the specific function. The sources you cited were related to a hiring bonus for the resource. They do not apply to a “finders fee” applied or provided to the referring party. While I understand where you were going, the typical referral fee for a seasoned developer ranges from $1200 - $1500 US. This is a headhunting average. Regardless of the information, the overwhelming majority have seemed to agree with your figures. As I explained, I may not agree but holding up progress is not my intention. For this reason, I am willing to rest my opposition to this discussion.

I apologize, that was a mistype. The range is $1200.00 - $15000.00 US in most fortune 500 companies.

Awesome - glad we could get it sorted. Hopefully I helped address your concerns! Will push to snapshot

Thank you for addressing that specific concern.

However there are some other community members that have provided positive feedback and suggestions, without any answer or comment from the creator of the BIP (or the core team).

The BIP was already good and most of us are supporting it. But some of the feedback provided by the community would make it even better.

I hope you see my point: BIPs can be enriched by the community. So I would love to see some of that feedback being incorporated into the BIP itself, so when it is moved to snapshot it is a better BIP.

Snapshot here:

Re: your comment @cryptomooniac

This BIP is meant to set forth a framework. The parameters can be adjusted by governance.

I’ve read through the comments and most are about parameters. Do you have immediate concerns you’d like me to respond to?

I voted For, want to participate in the development myself.

If this is just a framework that can be adjusted, I’ll go ahead and vote yes. My contention as I stated above is that the payments should be in usd amounts of badger. Maybe I’m misunderstanding but if we hire someone for 12 months and tell them they will be paid 500 badger a month when the price of badger is $20 but in 6 months it is $100 it seems we would be overpaying.

that’s why most project do both. I like the idea of a minimum amount paid in USD for life cost.

And another part (vested) in the homemade token. But this should also be the case for core team, not only grants.

Look at the last grant round, especially the core team, with a price at $30 ! of course, it also true if badger goes back to $5

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Hi DefiFrog, I wanted to chat w/ someone on the team about some light outreach work for China region given how big BTC is there. We’re already running a chat group + Badger account in a forum + account on Chinese Twitter (Weibo). Be good to get send over a few more ideas to get the word out. I want to invite someone from team to do a AMA with a huge community with 50k+ users.