BIP 2: 2/3 of new emission vested for 6 months

I think the challenge is the end of the 10 week mine cliffedge.

We saw how for example $SWRV dropped precipitously when the farm stopped despite being very high yield for a week.

Perhaps instead of emission vesting, can consider a downward slope of emissions over say 3-6 months (or even logarithmically over a few years like $SNX) giving enough time for real revenue to be generated by the protocol - perhaps by $BADGER being the $SHARE of a seignoriage model.


Such a long-term model sustained price of $RUNE (with Runevault earning constant 30% PA per annum) and similarly for $SNX. Staking in Mintr earns a solid 30%. So even though true $SNX revenue has in truth been minimal it sustained its price.

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i like the idea of playing around these suggestions. SNX has crafted one of the better inflation schedules in the space, would be interested in modeling something similar for badger and seeing what that looks like

I’m up for the block to block method bitcoinpalmer and kris. Seems like a much better way to deal with sell pressure as you all mentioned. It’s good that we’re discussing and planning this now.

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@bberry259 thank you for your submission and for starting some discussions. This is a very important topic and bringing it up is appreciated.

However, this BIP is being closed and rejected for the following reasons:

  1. it did not meet quorum
  2. there was no consensus on how to move forward

@bberry259 if you’d like to synthesize the feedback from the comments and refine your BIP, please feel encouraged to do so. I personally think there is merit to some form of vested rewards to incentivize longer term participation, but we will need to have a clearer path forward to execute on. Thank you again, and I hope to see a revised BIP :slight_smile:

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