BIP 14: Digg Distribution Overview

One thing to consider is the gas costs impact for small capitals: those with less BADGER prefer to just stake instead of joining a LP because of less transactions and therefore less gas costs. IMHO these members should not be penalized by a lower ratio. Also thanks to the team for making all this possible.


This all sounds great! Glad to be part of this!

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Excelente trabajo, sigan así!

So glad to be apart of this. The future looks bright!!!

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Amazing work! Wow! This is a leap forward. Go $BADGERS!

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I can’t describe how excited I am right now! I am thrilled to be a part of this launch!

It is super hard to coordinate across different time zones (I learned this on Discord) and bring something this complex to life.

Thank you, @Mr_Po, @UnlimitedPower, @DeFiFrog, and @jonto, for their hard work. Also, thank you to other members who were part of bringing DIGG into reality. (and also were patient with us complaining on Discord :see_no_evil: )


Will there be an airdrop on Sushi’s wBTC/ETH?


woohoo! nice work @jonto

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Great to see all the energy in this project! And thanks for all the hard work of taking the considerations of the community into account!

Very nice ! I found a new pool in the setts (badger/wbtc with Sushi LP). Is it included with Digg airdrop?

BR/Steve Wang

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Congrats! I’m very excited to be a part of this project and I look forward to hearing more

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Awesome job guys! :innocent: :ok_hand: :sunglasses:


Good point here. I second that.

Many thanks for the joint community effort and great proposal!

One question and ask related to the implementation paragraph.
Would it be possible to publish a further and more detailed timeline about the Digg governance process and general distribution process?

For example:

  1. Forum vote from December 29 till December xx
  2. Snapshot vote from December xx till January xx
  3. On-chain vote from January xx till xx
  4. Digg distribution and go-live currently planned for the time-frame x.

Ideally this update will be published via Twitter and used to train the NLP of the “wen Digg?” bot on Discord. :smile:


great to see this come together. my only suggestion is to get the 33% the top 10 addresses receive down to 25%

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Well done collating all our thoughts and publishing it here.

Clearly clarification on the sushi pool will be issued.

One area I need help with is this:

I read this that small addresses are going to get a boost up to the same as an address that has a 50 Badger multiplier? Have I understood that correctly? If so, doesn’t that make it non sybil resistant as 10 accounts with 5 Badger earnings will get 10 times as much as one 50 Badger earnings account?

Really small nitpick: there’s a typo under 3. and Stannis would tell you it should be “fewer” for Badger not “less”. :rofl:

Thank you again for your work, I know the discussion has been both informative and, at time frustrating. I support the proposal.

Time to snap necks and drop cheques.

I was waiting a long time for this moment I am very happy with the progress of this great project


What a team! Thank you for taking community feedback in and making modifications to your initial distribution model.
It would be nice if an interface could be built for all holders to check their exact allocation according to each criteria. Would make the community even more appreciative seeing their aidrop allocation in detail.

Finally, the community found a consensus. Congratulations everybody


Hey folks - it looks like we had a slight hiccup with the draft of the BIP. I’ve invalidated the poll; please see the edits above and revote.

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