Auto-invest 100% $Badger rewards

I agree with the psychological aspect of claiming, and then having the personal responsibility of stake or sell.

I think it could be a nice QoL feature of adding a “claim and stake” option next to the “claim” button. It still leaves it up to the user, in the end, and saves at least one step. The same kinda thing was added to the Setts page already when depositing badger into them.

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Please be informed that the proposal has been transformed into a BIP for voting and cast your vote there if you think this should be or should not be implemented:


autoinvest of rewards for compounded earnings without paying gas fees is a great idea. Why wouldn’t this be already the default setting? Is it because you have to pay gas to unstake a portion of your Sett rewards? So people would prefer to not have to pay that gas to take some rewards out? Why couldn’t we be allowed to personalize our Reinvest percentage individually per person? Right? Why fix it to 50% or 100% etc?

Having a locked reinvest % for everyone Its kinda inflexible and not very user friendly if you lock these things up to one way or another, it just creates haves and have nots… Some are happy some are not. But a flexible reinvest option allows each user to choose exactly what they need.

Why am I unable to post these comments or suggestions on the BIP pages? Its like only a select group of investors are being allowed to participate in the discussion on the BIP pages.

bips are only open for a certain amount of time. As for your suggestion, i’m not a dev but it may be they have to do it that way due to gas costs. If all emmissions had to be split up on different percentages for different users it seems it would greatly increase the complexity and maybe gas costs.

Doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 1000 it’s still expensive!