$wise staking with TP and SL

Consider the following scenario:
Bob stakes his Badgers and receives bBadgers. But he is nervous about the price and is interested in having some control over his funds. Now suppose there is some smart contract + interface where Bob could deposit his tokens along with SL and TP prices. If the target prices are met, the smart contract liquidates(unstake bBadgers first) and market sells the original Badgers for Eth and transfers the amount to Bob’s wallet.
While being complicated to implement(Oracles, prices watchers, auto-compounding, …), this gives the users the freedom of market speculation while reaping the benefits of staking. Since un-staking involves penalties, I think the whole DAO would benefit here as there might be a lot of people interested in scalping. More interaction with new service would result in more revenue for the Badger ecosystem. The new product could also charge scalpers with additional service fees resulting in even more fees generated.

Any thoughts?

Similar to AETH with added salts(SL, TP).

Not a bad idea but the team already has a lot on their plate at the moment that will keep them fully occupied going forward several months. Unless you can code it yourself they probably wouldn’t be able to consider this for quite a while.

Given my skills, it’s close to impossible for me to get it done.