WBTC/DIGG value lower

Hi guys,

When i connected my wallet today my wallet balance displayed (on my WBTC/digg )about 7000 usd less than what’s staked.

zapper and zerion still show the correct amount.

i am totally stressing out.

is this a bug issue from badger side? doesn’t seem like the pool has been hacked.

would appreciate your help


Yes, we sometimes have UI issues that don’t properly display your balance. Please don’t be alarmed.

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thanks for the prompt reply @Justsomeguy . :pray:t2: very helpful!

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@Justsomeguy. How long does it usually take for the System to rectify? Also was wondering what does “UI” mean?

UI means user interface, the app that we’re using. For further help, I suggest you hop onto the Discord and ask in the #support channel. Very helpful people there and I’m sure they will clear up your issue.

I noticed the liquidity pool value on Uniswap seems to be off (by 50%)? Is this why the portfolio value for this pool halved? And if yes, how will this be resolved?

I noticed the amount of Underlying wbtcDiggUNI-V2 didn’t change in two days either… But the value on Etherscan seems correct?

Thanks for clarifying this, please. :slight_smile:


So the Value error is occuring on Uniswap side?
How can you see the pool value on ether scan?


Cheers very helpful

I have the discord app but how do i join the group?



I can understand your response for balance in USDchanging and it does correct itself, but please can you explain how my satoshie rate has gone back to the day I invested. The minute I did a refresh my sat fell from 0.0229 to 0.02196

I think the value error might indeed be on uniswap…Looking at the value of my LP tokens using the Uniswap UI gives me the following:

Even though it clearly shows I have 1.163WBTC and 1.215DIGG the valuation seems to be 66,770 which seems to me like the value of DIGG is assumed to be 0 so effectively the 66,770USD is just 1.163 WBTC …the 1.215 DIGG have a value of 0…

Yes, and also: Apparently if you connect to Zapper.fi with your wallet, you can see the correct value displayed. They take into account what you staked, not the value of Uniswap.

On the second screenshot I posted earlier (Etherscan), you can see the value of the pool next to Token. ($ 57,010,286.66 at that moment, while Uniswap was only displaying $ 28,495,045.

The only remaining thing I noticed is, that the value of “Underlying wbtcDiggUNI-V2” is also not changing the past 2 days. So the added claim seems te be missing, or maybe this issue is similar and also has something to do with Uniswap?