Wallet empty after v2.0.1 upgrade

Don’t know if I need to be concerned, but my pre-existing Badger tokens (all of which were staked) are not showing up in the new Badger version. Ma wallet is showing a $0.00 balance.

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Yep, same over there. I’ve got two accounts, one is okay (Metamask), the other one is displayed empty. Funds are safu, of course. WalletConnect login does seem to have problems.

Hi everyone. The team is working on a fix about this. Just disconnect and reconnect your wallet a couple of times and refresh the page and it should work. If anything, your funds are safe and you can see them on zapper.fi and by putting in your ETH address. It’s a known issue and has been voiced in our discord channel right at launch. It is a top priority for our front end developer @mitche50. Thanks for your patience and support in this V2 rev1. Any input/feedback is welcome to help us improve and provide a more seamless experience for our users :slight_smile:

Issue has been fixed. Thanks so much for the response and apologies for not seeing the issue already flagged.

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Glad to hear! and welcome to the #badgerfam :slight_smile:

i have problem that can not connect via Metamask web extension. I connect agian by Wallet Connect but my balance is $0.

I just checked with my metamask wallet and it’s working. Can you please provide screenshots? Do you mind refreshing and disconnecting and connecting a couple of times? What browser are you using? Thanks :slight_smile:

zapper.fi shows my funds which is great, but no amount of hard-refreshing, clearing browser data, restarting browsers, trying different browsers, etc has worked for me. 0 balance in the app.

I am using Trust Wallet for reference, so maybe the issue is with the wallet connect.

I am using metamask and facing the same issue. Have tried refreshing/disconnecting/reconnecting/closing browser/deleting history/etc to no avail. Funds also show in Zapper. @arkgenesis