Unstake button missing?

I can’t seem to find the unstake button. I have staked some and was looking how to exit once I feel like it. Can somebody help?

Many thanks

You have to make sure the toggle is on Withdraw and not Deposit, like this picture shows:


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You are a star I am so stupid :slight_smile:

@Belorum i have tried that and when i press unstake or withdrawv there is 0 balance, regardless of what of entering 25% to 100%. Any idea?

Do you see a balance when it is toggled to deposit, under “DEPOSIT” or “STAKE” tabs?


You could also try hard refreshing your browser window (Ctrl+F5)

You can also use https://sett.vision/profile to verify your balances.

@Belorum yes after refreshing multiple times it does show under “withdraw” but not under unstake, so i guess it`same thing, and balance appears at: https://sett.vision/profile
So i think am all set and staked well.


If the Badger is showing under “Withdraw” and not under “Unstake” then that means your bbadger are not staked yet.

If you want to stake then you will need to select the “Stake” tab when toggled for Deposit at the top and click on 100% then click on the “Stake” button.


Another way to make sure is that in Zapper.fi it shows that you have Staked Badger like this:


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Thanks Belorum for your help, all fixed now.