Underlying Principal

Where do I see the increase in underlying principal? I’ve been refreshing and seeing the reward increase but I don’t understand where the principal increase is displayed. My “You’ve Staked” and the corresponding “bBadger” don’t seem to be increasing.

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To clarify: I’m referring to the fact that some of the rewards are automatically reinvested into the underlying LP stake - I just don’t see where this is happening at all. Am I doing this wrong?

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Thanks. Somehow my Amount of Badger staked decreased - bBadger stayed the same - does that happen as more people enter the pool?

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“sett contracts accept a token as a deposit and return sett shares back as an indicator of sett holdings. these shares are generally less than the token deposit amount and shares multiplied by ratio is your token entitlement. this ratio of shares : tokens is also known as pricePerFullShare.”

check out the stats page: https://sett.vision/stats

i’ve noticed with vfat.tools that my staked badger/bbadger balances tend to look differently than the display on app.badger.finance

Mine went down on vfat.tools though - I took a screenshot and then compared the next day. My % of stake also fell but my bBadger remained the same.

can u post the screenshots here?

apy.vision is another good place to track ur lp stake

Do you know what drives the Pool 2 yield (Badger only) - I noticed that it’s been decreasing lately - what causes it to decrease / increase? Haven’t found anything on this in the FAQ.

Honestly, I’m still 100% confused about where the LP compounding shows up.

The FAQ says “bBadger is a representation of your ownership in the liquidity pool/strategy for farming Badger and the auto-compounding of the principal. It will grow over time as your rewards are compounded. $bBadger is not a 1:1 representation of $Badge”

which implies that bbadger is what should increase… but I still have not seen this increase at all. Shouldn’t it be going up every time a cycle refreshes? Looking at vfat.tools I don’t see it increasing at all. Only my Badger fluctuating up and down.

Can someone explain what I should be seeing here?

For example on https://sett.vision/profile my “Earned Tokens” - which I assume is the underlying principal accumulation - has been frozen. Does that not update every 2 hours like the reward earnings? If so, how often does it update?

I’m just really trying to make sure I’m not doing something wrong.

@DeFiFrog can you help me out plz