Tokens transfer

Hi, I have a combination of deposits in the following vaults: WBTC, DIGG and BADGER.
I also have staked deposits in BADGER and Sushi WBTC/BADGER.

I intend to transfer all my assets to a different wallet.

Should I take anything into account before doing this?
I understand I need to unstake the staked deposits in order to be able to transfer the correponding tokens, is this correct?

Yes, those that are staked would need to be unstaked before being transferred to a new wallet. Unless urgent, I’d suggest you wait for reasonable gas fees.

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Deposited digg shows up in your wallet as bDigg. You don’t have to withdraw it before you transfer it.

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If you’ve got byvWBTC in your wallet, can you transfer that to a WBTC address or do you have to convert it somehow?

To an ETH address. Both WBTC and byvWBTC are on the ethereum blockchain.

Hey thanks for this suggestion- I did this and while I see the transaction on Etherscan, it did not populate as ETH in my wallet and now I’m unsure what to do?

It will not populate as ETH, because you didn’t transfer ETH, you transferred tokens on the ethereum blockchain. It works exactly as if you were transferring any other token from one address to another. Nothing different.

If you click on the transaction on etherscan, you should see the tokens transferred. You should also see that the tokens are in your address.

I really appreciate all your help…still learning about some of this. How do I exchange the byvWBTC in my wallet back to ETH or wbtc?

You would need to withdraw your byvWBTC through the Badger app, and you will get WBTC.

If you want to exchange your WBTC to ETH then you would need to use a decentralized exchange such as Uniswap or Sushiswap.