The actual annualized income deposited in Badger seems to be inconsistent with the displayed

Yesterday, I deposited 1024 Badgers to earn Badger and Digg coins. After a day’s calculations, my income is probably less than $20. The annualized rate is about 35%, but the above shows that the annualized rate is 120 +%. The only possible calculation error is the number of diggs. Is the number of diggs displayed before the first rebase?

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I am having a similar issue. My return is significantly less than 120%. Can someone please explain why this is?

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That’s true.
Same here noticed it as well and that must be corrected asap as it’s not a good thing and depositors will realize it fast.

The APY shown is average computed APY of all users based on historical data. It also does not factor in the rewards multiplier factor. Therefore earnings for each user will differ. People that have been staked longer will earn closer to the displayed APY or even more. More recent stakers will earn less.


Makes sense now. Thank you!