Sushiswap - wBTC/Badger

Hey guys, im struggling here. I originally put around 80k into the defi protocol and split it up between a Curve/convex/wbtc i think and then also wBTC/Badger. I kind of forgot about it then when i went back on it was around 30k. In a knee jerk reaction i took out the roughly 20k Tri curve and converted it back into ETH and when it hit my metamask it was like $1500…so i assume thats gone. I still have about 9k in Sushiswap - wBTC/Badger but when i go to withdraw it it only allows me to convert it into Sushiswap LP token which is basically worthless…is there anyways i can get my money out of here or am i hosed and should jsut chalk it up as a loss? also when i connect my wallet it says my assets are 28k…is that just a mistake?


gm puba, is there maybe an address you can share with us so we can help you figure out what happened?

also, you might prefer to share those details over discord instead of here. big chance you will find help there faster anyway!

Thank you for your response Gosuto. Can you please send me the Discord info or any discord that you would recommend that I might get some answers?

Second, when you say address what do you mean? Sorry my naiveté is showing here.

Gosuto was referring to your Ethereum address, you can share these details in a private ticket in our Discord server and you’ll be happily assisted by our Support Team: Badger

hi puba, have you been able to resolve your issue?