Staking mismatch

My asset is $0, and my stack is also 0
I have staked CVX on the convex vote locked
I have in my wallet bveCVX

HOW can i withdraw my deposit

Hey. For the first issue you should be able to see all your assets on the main page -try hard refreshing (CNTL + F5), disconnecting and connecting and clearing cache.

And CVX can only be withdrawn from the bveCVX vault when an unlock period happens (all CVX that gets deposited is locked for 16 weeks) or if they are freshly deposited not yet locked CVX available in the pool - Any CVX balance there is not yet staked and can be withdrawn. Although you can always just sell your bveCVX position for CVX at our own Factory pool: There is plenty of liquidity and bveCVX is trading at peg so you could just sell instead of withdrawing if you had the rush to get your assets out.