Staking disabled on my account

Hi guys. I deposited some badger tokens and tried to stake but the button says ‘staking disabled’.
Any idea how to sort this out?

Check one of the latest Badger updates, you no longer need to stake. Badger has changed this to make thing more streamline and cost efficient for users. :smile:

Thanks. So how do I make the most of Badger tokens? Sorry, I am new to Crypto world :slightly_smiling_face:

Personally i think that the best way is to inform yourself of the risks and rewards of every opportunity you know

You have multiple options. You can deposit them into the Badger vault and earn more Badger. An alternative would be providing liquidity with the badger, then add the LP tokens to one or multiple vaults around the DeFi space. Should you choose the latter please be aware of impermanent loss potential.

Hope this helps.

Thanks. Where can I find step by step guide on these options?

You can find tutorials for Badger here: Tutorial - Badger Finance