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1st,happy new year to all members of Badger DAO
2nd,I want to ask a question:Do I have to claim my reward every 2 hours?Cuz I found that my rewards decreased last 2hours.

Hello and thank you :slight_smile:
Happy New Year to you too, my friend!
Unfortunately I am not part of the team and I am still exploring the project myself.

As for the question: I wont be able to answer it correctly with 100% certainty at this moment , sorry. You might have some luck asking on discord.

Stay safe!

Your rewards will be based on the cycling. Some cycles last longer than others also returns during a cycle may vary.

The general question though. As far as I know you DO NOT need to claim your rewards every 2 hours. I would think that would be quite costly for anyone except some massive whales.

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Thank you good guys,I got it!


Welcome to $BADGER family :slight_smile: For questions like this it’s best to go to the discord channel under #support room :slight_smile: You might get a quicker response there

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Happy New Year all members and the Badger community

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