Satoshie amount decreasing at unusual rate

Number of times now i have seen my satoshies going down. This is not common practise when BTC goes down with other coins. The value of your sat yes but not the number of satoshie. please advise

What setts are you in? Are you LPing? Need more information.

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Digg. i only managed to buy 0.0213 sat so when it drops now to 0.01928 it is very obv. What is Lping

lol this is due to negative rebases lol it is the way digg works if price below btc then rebases negative removing supply and if digg price above btc then expands supply lol you need read about digg and how it works before investing in digg lol

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Here’s a little reading material for you. Digg FAQ - Badger Finance

fair enough, but i have never heard of price going down and taking satoshie with it, I have been in Crypto for 6 years and this is a first ever, so then when BTC spiked are you saying they gave us more satoshies

Read and DYOR before investing

Have you heard of amplforth, yam, esd, dsd? These are all rebasing tokens. When price is below the peg the entire supply contracts to try to push the price to the peg. When over peg supply expands. They are fairly new. Ample came out early last year I think. Here is how I think about it: If the price is below peg and supply is contracting then when you buy you are getting a larger percentage of the mcap and if you think it will eventually go up in price again then you are getting a really good deal because when supply starts expanding again then you will have even more than if it was just a regular token. Ideally demand for the token will keep increasing and supply will keep increasing. So say you bought 1 digg when price was the same as btc, then the marketcap of digg expands 10x and price is still close to btc then you would have 10 Digg worth approximately 10 btc. Here is another good article about rebasing tokens in general Elastic Finance: Definition, Use Cases and Framework by AmpleSense DAO - The Defiant - DeFi News


lol great help love your post and explanation very good :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Does reading this post count as dyor? Asking for a friend

Now this is an example of a well learned, caring individual who has tken the time to explain and not shouted out DYOR. TY. However having said that confusion still reigns. Are you saying that If 100 people own 1 ech @ 1btc and MC becomes 10X hence 1000 coins between 1000 people will that increase the value of my 1 coin x 10 fold, I will follow with quetion 2 when i understand this fully

Yes, you would then have 10 coins.

TY. When one invests in any staking project the worst that should happen would be no growth, but i just see continual decline in both satoshi that i purchased and subsequently the Usd value.