Proposal for pBTC35A Vault

Hi Badgers

i want to propose a pBTC35A Vault in the Badger dApp. Staking pBTC35A exposes Holders to a fraction of BTC Hashrate by Poolin. Each Token represents 1 TH/s of Bitcoin Hash, which is a really interesting idea imo.

Additionally, Staking those Tokens also emit Mars Governance Tokens, which could then be used to aggregate yield.

Their website is mars(dot)poolin(dot)fi

Check it out and discuss


Love this idea. I have been staking hashrate tokens in mars for a while, big fan

I missed this post! I started a new discussion as well; Badgers on Mars. I make the same point but provided some additional info that is hopefully value-added. Would love to see it! Thx.

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