Proposal for new DIGG Sett: DIGG/AMPL LP

I would like to propose a new DIGG LP Sett for the DIGG/AMPL pair.
The possibility to trade a rebasing BTC against a rebasing USD sounds intriguing to me.
I think this could be marketed well, bring even more attention to DIGG and boost the elastic finance movement.

Incentivizing people to provide liquidity for such an experimental pool with two rebasing tokens is critical for deep liquidity.
Ideally this would be a combined effort with the AMPL community such that a joint geyser can be launched and be implemented as a Balancer smart pool.
This means LPs would receive DIGG + AMPL + BAL rewards and trading fees.


Didn’t see this until now, it is an interesting and intriguing idea as you say. I would participate in such liquidity pool with a little amount as an experiment.

However, I don’t think it should be incentivized by Badger or Digg emissions. Unless there is a formal proposal or partnership with AMPL and it becomes clear how it would add value to the DAO and how it would support DIGG.