Portis wallet - no drop


i have invested and donated on the Gitcoin 2-3x with Portis wallet and the last time when I checked my wallet there was no promised air drop from the Badger team.

Now the portis wallet is remove from the App itself and there is no air drop at all.

promised not delivered.

gitcoin airdrop hasn’t happened yet, be patient. As for Portis, I’m not familiar with it, try asking in support channel in discord.

Hey! Don’t know if you the same guy from Discord but in case you aren’t:

The Gitcoin airdrop hasn’t happened yet, but it will. We just had a lot of things that were more important such as discussing the DIGG launch parameters. As for Portis wallet @mitche50 said that he was doing some testing and that he will will submit a PR today to get portis re-enabled soon.

I never followed up on this but Portis is enabled on the app now and you should be all set.