Portfolio States Zero

I placed my badger into staking last week. Today I came to check my portfolio and it was at $0.

Please Help

Same thing here. I think it has to with their integration with Coinbase Wallet. Mine still shows on Zapper. If you haven’t used it, go to zapper.fi and connect your wallet. Your badger should show. Mine does. Which gave me some peace of mind but I still don’t see my Badger or Digg on the app. Please fix the issue Badger!! Thank you

Hi folks, you may want to pop into the badger dao discord. The community is active and you can get support if you have questions.

My balance has shown $0 all day. Can anyone shed any light? I have cleared cookies, re-started computer, re-connected wallet. Nothing works and Badger not responding.

i have the same question.the portfolio shows 0.

can sb help me?

Has anyone had this resolved?? It would be nice to know they are working through the issue and our badger and Digg aren’t just missing somewhere.

For those of you still struggling with the $0 balance. Use a different browser and it shows up. It still isn’t showing up on my preferred one but I can see my balances using an alternate browser.

Has this been resolved? I have tried multiple browsers and have not seen any change

All - I did just refresh a couple times in a new browser and did disconnect and then reconnect a couple times and it worked. Wanted to provide an FYI.


Update your browser and restart your device.

Sebart - I just logged back on and am still having the same issue. I updated the browser and restarted. Is there anything else I should try?

Make sure you move the toggle to withdraw so the app can show you what you have in the sett. By default it seems to be switched to deposit so if you are looking into the sett to check your balance you are first looking at your wallet balance outside of the contract. If you are trying to make sure your funds are still in the contracts check out @jintao’s sett.vision.

I did a reset of my metamask and it fixed the problem.

I am having the exact same issues. I am using Coinbase Wallet. I restarted my computer, refreshed my browser, used a different browser, reset my wallet connection and still nothing is showing up. It would be nice to get this issue resolved. Can a Badger DAO team member please respond with a solution they are working on? It would be appreciated greatly. Thank you

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If you are still having this issue ask in the support channel on discord. They can help you resolve this. The forum is not monitored much my the support team unfortunately.