Portfolio showing $0

Hey everyone,

I’m new to the $BADGER community and have been staking here for around 5 days. I started with around 222 BADGER, added them to the badger sett vault first, and then began staking them for more badger last Sunday. I woke up today to find my portfolio value at $0 and the app is showing that I have no open positions. The only thing I can see is my stake rewards which is like 0.87 badger. I have no idea what happened to the open staking position I have and I’m wondering if anyone has ideas on how to track this down. My metamask wallet still has all of my other holdings in it, so it’s unlikely that the wallet was hacked. I’m hoping this is just some weird error with the Badger App that isn’t showing my open staking position.

Thanks for your help,

Update: ZapperFi shows that I do infact have the badger still, it just must not be showing on the App. Hopefully someone affiliated with Badger can help me out to make sure my holdings showup in the App again.

Hey there!
I`m not affiliated. But yeah, there seems to be an UI error and people are working to fix it.
Some updates will come soon enough.

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Thanks man! Appreciate the response.


Have the exact same problem, can’t stake my farmed $BADGER :frowning:

man I am having the same issue here! tried clear the cache, switching network and browsers. Nothing work.