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Hi everyone,

I recently heard about BADGER and just got my first BADGER and DIGG this morning. I am storing both in Trust wallet, but when I connect to BADGER, my portfolio shows $0.

There was a brief few minutes after a bunch of reloads during which I was able to view my correct balance and during that time, I tried to deposit my DIGG. This transaction failed and since then, my portfolio once again shows $0.

If anyone has been able to solve a similar issue, your help would be much appreciated.

Have the same question as you, the portfolio shows $0

If you haven’t resolved this yet ask in the discord support channel. I believe the issue is with Trust wallet.

I fix the problem by using metamask instead of imtoken and walletconnect. But i have no idea why that issue happened

But how did you move it from trustwallet to metamask if your portfolio was $0 as you would need to unstake?

Neither of us have been able to stake at all using Trust wallet. Portfolio shows $0 before even staking. I am trying to transfer my DIGG to Metamask now to see if that works.

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I was able to successfully deposit both BADGER and DIGG using Metamask. Looks like this is an issue with WalletConnect and/or Trust Wallet.

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oh i see, I’m facing the same issue with Trust wallet/walletconnect but I’m already staked so it’s like it’s just vanished lol

This just happened to me. Zero balance but showing on Zapper. Can someone let me know if this issue eventually resolved itself? Thanks!

I"m having the same issue. If this is a know issue with certain wallets maybe that should be clear before depositing. I have no access to my deposits and I’ve hyped up Badger to friends and they are experiencing the same. Not fun explaining they didn’t lose their money but unsure of the solution. Can anyone help with this issue as I’m using Coinbase Wallet and have tried many of the fixes but they seem to be VERY temporary fixes.

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Has there been a solution here? I am sitting on two days of seeing zero balance. See my staking rewards and those are going up but would like to be able to access (or at least see the funds).

Have you tried using this?

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Same problem here I am using Coinbase wallet and my portfolio value is not showing also my setts aren’t loading I can see my vault info but cannot withdrawal my rewards are still loading and can claim it has been a while being this way and the badger team needs to address ASAP