Not seeing SUSHI rewards

Hello Badgers. I deposited SLP-IBBTC-WBTC about a week ago and I’m seeing my Badger and DeFi Dollar rewards stack up, but have not seen any Sushi rewards. Is anyone else seeing this behavior?

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Hey John. Hopefully a team member will come back to you. But in short the team hope to give you the sushi at some point in the future.

Edit (same with Cake)

Yes, we all are. Rewards are being accrued but they will not show in the UI due to several reasons, including that it is still not fully automated.

Unfortunately the developers are doing too many things at once, busy on other fronts, and this has caused delays in things that should have been completed by now, such as periodic xSushi rewards distribution.

But don’t worry, this will be done eventually and you will be able to claim your share of the rewards.

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Great, thanks for the update!

Ok i got the same Questions, so this means they will add them to the Badger UI where i also Claim Badger and Defidollar ?

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This really needs to be prioritised

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Need to stop doing so many things and focus on making the existing things work.

I feel you and I tend to agree with you although sometimes crypto moves very fast. Still, I also get the feeling that they are juggling too many balls at the same time.

this is a big issue… I have the same issue.You can’t promise something in the rewards and not deliver it when it’s launched.

Please fix this issue.

I see a lot of people bashing Badger on my twitter feed because of issues like this. Of course I don’t like them bashing Badger at all and don’t agree with it but these are some of the reasons why they bash the project.

Let’s not give them a reason to not like Badger.

Please fix the sushi rewards issues asap.

Thank you for your help.

Its very disappointing to invest in a product (Sushiswap Wrapped BTC/Digg) and than its not working.

Are the sushi rewards lost, or are they counted in backround and paid out later?

Is there a official statement of the developers?

Any chance we can get our rewards updated with our Sushi rewards ASAP again?

I’d like to see this be standardized every day, week, month… whatever time frame… so we know when we can claim these Sushi rewards from our SLPs.