Not Prompted To Send Minted WBTC

Last night I minted some BTC to wBTC and I fell asleep while waiting for the confirmations to complete. This morning when I went back to the bridge page I did not see anything to indicate the completion of the confirmations and am not prompted to send any wBTC. Is there any way I could still receive the wBTC or at least get back the original BTC?

Thank you.

Yes - as soon as your transaction gets 6 confirmations a pop up to submit a transaction to ETH and finalize the transaction should appear, but if you refreshed the page it won’t, don’t worry though as If you started a Bitcoin transaction, sent your BTC to the address provided, and then for some reason can’t submit the transaction trough Badger’s UI is possible to submit it anyways manually trough Ren’s Dev Tools.

All you have to do is go to RenVM Explorer - in the search paste the hash of the BTC txt you did and you will go to your transaction details. After you do you have to click “Load additional details” on the bottom of the page, go to Status: Ready for minting and click on “Connect wallet”, connect, works with either MetaMask or WalletConnect and then click “Submit” and broadcast the transaction, as soon as it confirms you will get the funds in your wallet.