New to DeFi, Dropping $10k into Badger, need help ASAP

Hi Badgers,
I have $10k USDT on binance.
What is the fastest way to buy badger and then stake it?
What should I be aware of?

A crypt friend of mine mentioned that I should ‘zap’ it into WBTC/Badger LP and then deposit it and then stake it! FML, it went over my head; by the time I figure DeFi out it will be too late.

Will tip anyone who helps me move $10k into the Badger Ecosystem and helps me understand why to zap it into wbtc/badger and then stake it. After earning yields on staking it what should I be doing?

OK I am lost…

ok, zap means use ,are you on discord?

Not sure what country you are in but if you can use ftx exchange you could purchase badger there. Or you can send your usdt to your metamask wallet then use 1inch or matcha to convert usdt to badger.

Once you have your badger in your wallet you could do the wbtc/badger as you said by using Just search for the pool you want and it will automatically split your badger into 50/50 wbtc/badger and stake it. Then you take your lp tokens and deposit and stake them in badger app. Please look up impermanent loss as it is a real risk in that pool. Also your fees for all this are going to be significant. Probably in hundreds of dollars worth of eth. If you run into any issues ask in the support channel of discord.

There are many ways to participate in Badger. You can just stake Badger (buy it in an exchange, Uniswap or Sushiswap) and then just stake Badger.

Or you can provide liquidity to the WBTC/Badger LP - there are two of them, one is in Uniswap and the other in Sushiswap. But if you do that, you have the risk of impermanent loss (this can be compensated or not by the pool fees and the higher farming rewards).

You can also participate without Badger token, just using tokenized bitcoin (wBTC or renBTC), deposit them in Curve (in the vaults that are supported by the Badger app), and then deposit your crv pool tokens on Badger (this will earn you Badger, Digg plus enhanced yield).

People in the community are always happy to help, I am happy to help. But there are also bad actors in the crypto space and in any community. If you don’t learn how to get your way in DeFi (is not complicated), someone might try to scam you. There are several guides and videos online that will help you. Even if you prefer to rely in someone that you can trust, it is important to have the criteria to see if that person is acting in your best interests or doing it wrong.