Never received the Badger Airdrop

Even though I have donated in round 7 and round 8 Gitcoin grants, my address being in the snapshot ( ), and submitting the form for airdrop support more than a month ago ( ), I have yet to receive an explanation on why I could never claim Badgers. Surely I am not the only one?

The devs have clearly been busy with a lot of other stuff. Just give them some more time and be patient. Iā€™m sure they will announce the airdrop soon on twitter etc and you will get your free Badger.

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when was the snapshot?

I would suggest you to use the Discord for this issue and not the forum. There is a dedicated airdrop-support channel where this issue is discussed regularly. If you consulted that channel, you would already know that this has not been finalized, airdrop for gitcoin grants round 8 has not been yet distributed to anyone. But it will come, they have not announced a date yet. You need to be patient.