My portfolio staked coins shows 0 .00

I staked Badger tokens in the Bader vault some weeks ago and somehow today my portfolio shows $0.00. Does anybody have an idea if there is a bug or something. Available rewards to claim do show. I cannot image my account was drained so does anybody have any idea what to do?

Kimd Regards

Hi @gary12 , Do not worry!

It is most likely just due to a glitch in the UI and the team is working on fixing it. My app did display the same yesterday. Rewards showing but Portfolio is zero. Kryptobi posted a sticky note in discord about it. Hit ctrl+F5 in the app and maybe try using a different browser to connect. If that does not help then try updating the browser and rebooting the device.
Also check out @jintao 's ← great overview of funds and metrics!

Thanks for you reply. I found Yield Farming Info in the meantime