Missing underlying DIGG after withdraw

I deposited about .212 DIGG 60 days ago. I just withdrew and there is half as much there. Is there anyone that can assist me? I have all my etherscan records.


We’ve been going through negative rebases for the last 36 days. Read up on how elastic supply tokens work. Digg FAQ - Badger Finance


Thanks for the speedy reply! I guess my more specific question is around the DIGG to bDIGG ratio. When I deposited my DIGG I got rougly 1 to .5 DIGG to bDIGG…Others who deposited around the same time got nearly 1:1. It seems my deposited got way watered down compared to others.

Any assistance would be very much appreciated.


I don’t think it would be possible to give you the wrong amount. bDIGG is never 1:1 with DIGG but you can ask the experts over in the support channel on discord. Discord