Mechanics of DIGG daily supply adjustments

Hello everyone,
I am fairly new to the Badger community. I looked everywhere- medium, this forum or github could not find a detailed explanation of how the daily DIGG supply rebalance is done…I know the gap between the Digg price and the index is divided by 10 to come up with the supply percentage adjustment but what about:

  1. How is the index (vs which the current DIGG price is compared) derived? What is the source? Is there an average of the BTC price that is taken for the past 24hrs? For the past 1hr?
  2. Are there bands around the BTC target (like with Ampleforth)?
  3. how long does the rebalance actually last? When exactly does it happen?
    And many more questions on the technical aspect of this…where is the documentation for that?

I’m no expert but I’ll try to answer what I know. Also a good place to ask would be on discord.
TWAP: time weighted average price, past 24 hours in diggs case. So this is the average price for last 24 hours that the rebase is based off of.

equilibrium zone is I think +/- .5% of bitcoin price. So if twap fell in this zone then no rebase would occur.

rebase happens everyday at 3 pm est.

So at rebase it looks at the difference in price and only adjusts 10% towards the target. This is to help smooth out volatility.