Lower reward balance in evening than in morning

Hey guys, i am in wbtc/digg/uniV2 pool and my total rewards is for example 0.104 digg in the morning and when i check it in the evening, its 0.10154, how is that possible? I dont understand. Where is my reward gone? I also check the calculator but i am getting a lot less than i should. Thank you

It is possible because of negative rebases.
You should never invest in something you don’t understand.

Thanks for the reply. I know i should not try thing i dont understand but i am trying to learn while farming.

I read that i get 35 to my claim rewards and 65% to my pool. is that right? If yes, are those 65% counted in portoflio balance already? Or do i get them when i leave the farming? thanks

If I understand you correctly I think you are referring to the rewards that are auto-compounded back into the sett. They are reflected in your portfolio.

Can be, i am just not sure about it, because its hard to check it in total portfolio balance when the price of btc and digg is so volatile. Is there any way i can check my earnings? thank you for the reply btw.

I’m not sure if there is any way to view it. Just have to calculate I think.

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