Introduce $BADGER and/or $DIGG PoolTogether Pool (Discussion)


PoolTogether has become a growing force in the lottery section of DeFi. Their ‘no-loss’ lottery is interesting and can bring in new $BADGER and $DIGG holders. We need growing interest in BADGER for their DeFi products. PoolTogether can particularly become lucrative gamified marketing for BADGER.

As of now we can create a custom pool on PoolTogether and since PoolTogether has launched their governance token, we can vote to make it a core pool.

:heavy_check_mark: Marketing for BADGER, as well as growing stakers.
:heavy_check_mark: Users can win $BADGER/$DIGG and $POOL, in case we vote it to become a core pool.

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I agree. I was a very early user of PT and it was fun, despite not being at all profitable. :wink: Still it will bring good fun marketing opportunities to Badger/DIGG.


So what does badger need to do here. Do we need to spend badger/digg on the pool, or just some gas to create the pool and people deposit their own digg/wbtc in a lottery like system?

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Currently, there are 2 ways to create a PoolTogether pool. Stake prize pool and yield prize pool. Since we are listed on Compound Finance yet, I think we will need to create a Stake Pool, which will require spending from the treasury.

PoolTogether Docs
PoolTogether Builder Interface

I’d personally rather not use badger emissions to encourage outright gambling. We need less of that in DeFi not more. That being said, if people would use it and why don’t have to pay, why not.

PoolTogether is a great project and if there is a lottery there for $BADGER and $DIGG that does not involve using emissions or treasury that would be cool.

But I honestly don’t see the value of incentivizing it with $BADGER or $DIGG emissions.

What we need is to have more uses for $bBADGER and $bDIGG in other DeFi projects - for example have them being used as collateral in other protocols (and this is just a start). That adds value.

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hahaha i love pooltogether is gucci xoxo but yes marketing already good no need to reward with extra tokens lol

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I dont think we need the treasury for this.

Without using emmisions we can create a pool of $BADGER.